Carludovica Oerstedii

Ruiz & Pav.
Hat palm (E); Atadero (P); Iraca (C); Jipijapa (P); Kuskin (Cu); Naguala (D); Guachivan (P); Lucatero (C); Lucua (C); Oropo (Ch); Porto Rico (P); Sabalet (Cu); Soso (Cu); Toquillo (P); Sombonaza (C) . Young leaves are eaten as a salad (!). The leaves are used to make hats (!), baskets (!), brooms, fly swatters, etc. the inner portions of the lower leafstalks and the berries are quite edible (!). Rhizomes are used as a salad and potherb in various parts of Latin America. In 1538, Juan de Vadillo and his conquistadores lived for days on nothing but Iraca for food. To this day, the growing points or nacumas are eaten, with a flavor suggesting asparagus.

EthnoBotanical Dictionary. 2013.

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