A substance for counteracting diarrhea. Acacia, Adenathera, Anacardium, Annona, Avicennia, Bidens, Brownea, Bursera, Byrsonima, Capraria, Carapa, Casuarina, Celosia, Chrysobalanus, Coccoloba, Cocos, Coffea, Crescentia, Cupania, Drepanocarpus, Elephantopus, Emilia, Erechtites, Euphorbia, Faramea, Haematoxylum, Hernandia, Hymenaea, Hyptis, Ipomoea, Jacobinia, Laguncularia, Mangifera, Melia, Mucuna, Musa, Nectandra, Piscidia, Pistia, Pitcairnea, Psidium, Psoralea, Quassia, Randia, Scoparia, Sida, Simarouba, Spathodea, Spondias, Stachytarpheta, Terminalia, Tourneforita, Triumfetta, Trophis, Waltheria, Wigandia, Ximenia, Zornia.

EthnoBotanical Dictionary. 2013.

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  • antidiarrheal, antidiarrhetic — 1. Having the property of opposing or correcting diarrhea. 2. An agent having such action ( e.g., loperamide) …   Medical dictionary

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  • Drepanocarpus Lunatus — G.F.W. May. Escambron (S). The ripe fruits are said to taste like cocoplum, but they may be dangerous. The leafy stems, poisonous to mice, are used as ana aphrodisiac, Cataplasm, purgative, and for venereal diseases, leprosy, and heart trouble.… …   EthnoBotanical Dictionary

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