A substance used to counteract venereal diseases. Amaranthus, Anacardium, Aristolochia, Arrabidaea, Bauninia, Bocconia, Bursera, Calotropis, Capparis, Capraria, Casearia, Cassia, Cecropia, Chamissoa, Chiococca, Cissus, Clematis, Commelina, Conocarpus, Copaifera, Corchorus, Costus, Crescentia, Drepanocarpus, Eichhornia, Elaeis, Entada, Equisetum, Genipa, Geonoma, Gouania, Guaiacum, Hippomane, Ipomoea, Isotoma, Jacaranda, Jatropha, Luffa, Mangifera, Mikania, Musa, Myroxylon, Parsonia, Petiveria, Piper, Piscidia, Pistia, Plumeria, Polypodium, Pothomorphe, Prioria, Protium, Pseudelephantopus, Ricinus, Sabicea, Scoparia, Serjania, Smilax, Solanum, Spondias, Tagetes, Tephrosia, Tetracera, Thespesia, Tournefortia, Trichilia, Turnera, Waltheria, Ximenia.

EthnoBotanical Dictionary. 2013.

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